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billydominguez asked: 14 :D

14. What makes you laugh no matter what?

kittens, puppies, and pandas :3

Describe Blogs


This blog will really inspire you to go into film photography. I really love his photos, especially his “babies”. This blog is a wonderful inspiration for photography enthusiasts — both film, and digital. LOVE THIS BLOG, nuff said.


Billy blogs about love, and life. A blog of the “Kabalyerong Mangingibig”.  Most of his blog posts are in Filipino — a proud filipino blogger right there.


I must say that this blog has good photos. I love the feel of his photos — idk why, but I do. Another good photoblog for photography enthusiasts.


..But, why “the weakest soul?”
If you’re looking for a personal blog that actually makes sense, then follow her. I like the way she blogs, her writing style reminds me of a good book I just finished reading (and I loved that book).


He’s P+Year, and he’s a sheep, and he needs grass. *Baaaah* (As what he said in his about me). Anyways, this blog is another photo/personal blog. I kind of like his black and white photography, oh and his blog has a sort of vintage feel — my opinion.


Well, the only thing that I can say is that this young lady has got talent. As an artist, I’ve seen a lot of digital artists since I was her age, and she definitely has talent.

An art blog of a young lady — mostly vector art. Her artworks are really cute. I really love her chibi disney princess vectors (Make more!! /Lol). Anyways, I really think that her talents will go far in the future.


Another random/personal blog filled with nice photos. Check it for yourselves!


Yet another photoblog right here! Her photos are “cozy” with a kind of “home” feeling or touch to it. (Yes, I have weird comparisons about everything) — check it for yourselves.


A random blog, from a very much random girl (woman). My sister from another galaxy — Nuff said.


A random blog filled with photos by dawn. A nice blog if you’re looking for something to explore tonight.

/I’m sorry if I don’t describe blogs well enough. Meh

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superbbillyboy replied to your photo: ‘coz it’s raining outside baby.



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Baket? :))

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Galing! haha. di ko kineri ang red lips ni Fi! :D

Ako din eh! Pak na pak si Fifi eh! Btw, Thanks Kat <3

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Ako ‘to e. LOLJK! :))))))))))))))))))))