Big Blog Exchange Meet Up

If you are an avid reader of my blog, or just a lurker, you would probably know that I too joined the Big Blog Exchange contest. It was fun meeting new bloggers outside of tumblr since blogging doesn’t just exist on this platform.

We met Tina, the blogger from Germany (1st photo, 2nd line) at the Where2Next Hostel located somewhere in Pedro Gil — actually a walking distance to Robinson’s Ermita! Tina is one of the winners of the BBE that had an exchange with Ms. Camie Juan. We also met Shiny Bliss (2nd photo, 2nd line) and Carissa (3rd photo, 2nd line), both bloggers outside of Tumblr which is not something new to me after attending a few events in the past.

Hoping to get a shot at the next BBE event (hopefully there will be another one next year!)

Till the next!

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